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Great app!

Without cable? Then you’re without luck...

Having only a 3 hour window to watch the entire tournament if you don’t have a cable provider leaves those of us without cable service for the most part, in the dark. I used to watch the entire tournament on line but that’s no longer possible.


This app is really great I love it because I really am into Basketball on this I feel like it’s a really great up for me

March Madness

If you love March Madness then this is the app for you! Never miss the action while watching live games and jumping from your favorite team to your favorite upset!

Too many click bait notifications.


Don’t show the tie breaker scores

Never use this POS app. We had a tie but they don’t share the scores people pick. Garbage!!!!!

Can’t see final score tie breakers!

Moving around to look at the bracket is awkward! My biggest complaint is we had to put in a final score tie breaker but I can’t see that on my bracket or anybody else’s. This is an issue since I had two tied for 3rd and I pay out the top 5!!!!!!! Cbsports app is much more smooth and easy to read with points available and knowing where you stand with the people in your group. Won’t use the app again unless there are major changes!

Not live

Final game was way behind. What I was watching had 4 min left in the game and then I get notifications from score apps saying the final scores. Great way to find out the end of a game.

Time Limit

Don’t like that you have a time limit to watch games

View not good

Can’t see full screen of champion game. Mobile view was better


it has great features and go behind the scenes in march any game for free anywhere!

Watching Frozen

No feed it froze up...missing the game. No stars.

Great app

I’m currently watching march madness 2018 for free on this app 👌🏾


Too many commercials. Let these fellas play ball

Crashes and won’t stream

App has been unusable this year. Constant error messages. Have not been able to stream a single game. None of the updates have fixed any of the problems

Final March Madness

No video reception

Cheap trick

Either let people watch or don’t.

Great !!!!!

Great !!!!

Final Four

Great and good games so far. Looking forward to Michigan/Nova game tonight.

It worked well all tournament for me.

No glitches

Good coverage

I really enjoyed the Michigan victory over Loyola on my iPhone.

Mar. Madness



This app has been okay, but it is very buggy. You should only be allowed to join a bracket group before the tournament starts because many people just join in the Final Four, ruining it for everyone else.

Huge Nova fan

Really enjoyed the March Madness App-really kept me engaged in all the important happenings-it was a 10!!!👍🏀


Y can’t I watch tonight’s game again. So excited for my wolverines and I just want to watch again!!!


It is ridiculous that it requires me to log into cable to airplay the game. I don’t have cable to not waste money and support a bunch of crap. You put the game on cable channels and then cannot watch it on the app.



March madness

Total technology game changer to the tournament. Love it. Never before have I caught so many games. Access to all players and team statistics at a glance...amazing. What a year! Made March madness even more FUN for fans like me!

Wish u could watch more before having to log in

I wish u could watch more than just 3 hours and that commercials wouldn't count towards your time limit. And also wish u could pair to an Apple TV before logging in to your tv provider but other than that haven't had any issues with the app itself

Apple watch app useless!

The Apple watch app is a joke. Live scores don't update. It’s more like “live yesterday” scores. It’s been trying to load the scores for five minutes. Are you trying to watch the game on TV and use the app for stats and insights? Forget it! All you will get are videos and commercials while you are trying to listen to the TV. There is no way to stop them. Deleted. No really, NCAA. Deleted.

Only letting me see 2017

It's 2018 and I would like to stream the basketball games. However, I just downloaded the app and I can only watch highlights from the 2017 year. Sad.

AT&T UVerse

APP does NOT support UVerse accounts

It’s a joke..

It’s a joke .. got timed out .. had to install the app .. couldn’t share with my Apple TV ... why isn’t this on cbs ? I don’t have cable.. very Frustrating.

Loyola game

Turned off before game ended.

I want to see the game!

Not working well in Bangkok!

Awesome app

Always re download during March madness and is a awesome app to stream from


The app is worthless.. Error and won’t load every time I try to use it.

Not a good purchase

It’s not really live as it says it is. Way too much money for wha you get as well.


How do we get the game on?

App says Launch Sequence Failed

This is dumb trying to watch the final 4 and every time I try to start the app it says Launch Sequence Failed. My WiFi is good and has no issues with watch Espn or anything else please fix


You have approximately 3 minutes to sign into a major broadband provider before the app terminates the stream.

The best

The best Eva Eva


It just plain should not be impossible to use this app.

Best App Ever

This app is awesome! By far the greatest app I’ve ever used!

MM - can’t get any sound

Can’t get sound

Can’t get game in full screen mode!!

Terrible app. Won’t let you watch the game in full screen. Only 1/3 of my screen was for the game the rest is for stats.


Best of the best are ready for us, May the victory go to the most prepared and the most practiced. Heart in it will tell the tale. One way or the other may they remain the fine men that they have set their hearts to be. God bless, S. Reparata

Awesome !

Love when apps actually work like there supposed to. Thank you

Love the post game highlights

I love March madness but can’t stand sitting & watching the tv for even one game.

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