NCAA March Madness Live App Reviews

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I put in my information and still couldnt connect to AirPlay. Its ridiculous how much time I wasted on this app.

Piece of crap

Doesnt work.


Another way to kill us with commercials. I had the tv on and the app is showing commercials while the tv is (although in a time out) analyzing plays.

No good

Cord cutters get screwed. Three free hours and then you are done. Cant air play without a subscription. Get with the times.


Love it. Watched a ton of games so far on my iPad while at the office. Easy. Yes, you do need a cable provider to prove you pay for CBS already, but theres no sympathy here for those who still get OTA and have no bill to pay for cable/satellite as its like an extra perk for those of us who do get bent over by our cable providers. As far as the genius complaining about the women, they play on ESPN and you can watch anything on ESPN on their app at anytime, Ive watched plenty of UConn games on it. CBS doesnt have the broadcast rights to the womens tourney.

Doesnt Work

Video feed simply sits on a spinner, never connects.


Worthless app. Try to watch through apple air and screen is blocked. Not very functional, especially for what it is supposedly designed for.

Video Not Available

You mean to tell me this app wont load video while Im deployed overseas?? Unsat.

No such thing as free.

Just to lure you in.

Best Looking App

This app design is flawless. It looks beautiful and is designed perfectly. Additionally, it is easy to navigate and the user experience is great. Kudos to the designers!

Apple TV interface terrible

Lagged, showed big stop bottom and on screen.

Disappointing at best

This app crashes often and it has huge buffering problems. The TV providers never work for viewing please fix this for next year.

Login Fails

Login to cable provider portal is junk and once you are in, you will be forced to go through the process almost everyday. Just removed the app - worthless to stream, great for stats.

OK, but ...

After the final two teams were set, I would have liked to gone back and look over my bracket, however my bracket is no longer appears.

I dont get how it is only a 1.5 star rating

This app is soooo awesome

Lousy Navigation for WFF

Where is the women s final four?

Womens content.

Why isnt there any womens content? Its final four time and the women get nothing? Wow.


Did not know the one game I used this for was the one freebie. I thought I was finally dealing with an enlightened system that did not require you to be chained to a cable provider to actually see games. Pfft.

-5 stars available?

Should have been televised on national tv

2016 Outstanding!

Sure, you have to have a TV provider...big deal. Perfect for on the go to get updates or watch the game. Limited more by Wi-Fi than anything. Ill use it again next year!

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